Life sometimes puts us in positions we would rather avoid. Emotional or physical pain, confusion, loneliness, being misunderstood, or being taken for granted. These are just a few life-defining experiences that may cross our path.

Just as the disconcerting experience of turbulence on a flight could possibly lead to a conscious or unconscious fear of flying, so are we prone to react to diverse external forces at play around us. These impactful events can leave an indelible imprint on our lives, causing unhealthy filters to be established as far as how we see and value ourselves, and others.

In his new book, Stafford Edwards shares experiential anecdotes which challenge some of the established thinking around our perceptions of life’s inherent highs and lows. You will gain a better appreciation of what it means to live a life of purpose; one which not only allows you to see beyond the immediate threat levels of distress or discomfort, but also how to count the blessings we often do not realize we have.


Discovering your character and value as a person carries more weight than your current position or circumstance dictates.

  • Whether through your own choices or through the randomness of others, each path crossed in life become guideposts. Those who come after you can use them, or you can look back on them to acquire new perspectives moving forward.
  • Being able to recognize when we need to make course corrections after drifting off track, in order to reestablish and maintain healthy life habits.
  • Stuck in a holding pattern dealing with unhealthy mindsets or preconceived notions? Enable your ability to see through the fog.
  • Reviewing options when approaching the changing seasons of life. How to prepare for the transition to another life stage.
  • How do we maintain a proper track inbound to our destination when sudden, microbursts of contention cross our path?
  • Your life’s legacy. Identifying what your life’s purpose is, will be of benefit not only to yourself, but for those who will supersede you.

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  • Recognize and embrace inner strength; not only in spite of weakness, but because of it.
  • Understand that success does not always mean the absence of failure.
  • Learn the powerful value of friendship in the worst of times.
  • Discover why we flourish when we walk in fulfillment of our passion and calling.
  • Learn how to laugh at, and with yourself.
  • Realize that being vulnerable is a critical posture from which one can gain strength.
  • Understand the unusual contradiction of experiencing joy, even when you are not happy.
  • Just as pilots file a flight plan for every flight, we also need to consider a Life Plan; not only for our destination, but for our route getting there.
  • The discovery and acquisition of new vistas can and will require the healing and reconciliation of old wounds.
  • Understand when dealing with unexpected scenarios like the loss of a job, marriage, or loved one, you will be changed forever. Change, whether unexpected or unwanted, can lead to a purpose-filled life.
  • Learn to breathe, or even catch your breath. Take time for yourself. Your physical, spiritual and emotional equilibrium are critical factors in maintaining a healthy life balance.